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I am a seasoned litigator with extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and insured defendants in a variety of personal injury, employment and real estate matters. Over the years, I have been exposed to the gamut of laws and issues that are commonly at the heart of a litigated dispute. As a successful mediator, I understand that cases not only involve disputed facts and complicated laws, but also conflicting emotions and interests. My primary goals are to identify the core issues and then to encourage the parties to see their case in the context of resolution. My transparent and common sense approach to negotiation creates an environment wherein all sides deem both the process and outcome as fair and just.

I am part of the next generation of private mediators serving the Los Angeles legal community. I have a unique multicultural perspective that has been shaped not only by my preparatory schooling in England, my travels throughout Europe, but also by my American values and ethics. Over the years, I have worked hard to develop the skills of diplomacy and peacekeeping, and as a result, I have earned a reputation among my peers, clients and industry professionals for serving as the voice of reason during the mediation process. In essence, I use my interpersonal and problem-solving skills to defuse critical situations.

Born in Iran , I moved to England at the age of eight. I later attended a preparatory and military-style school. After studying at the University of London for one year, I decided to pursue my education and career ambitions in the United States. With a one-way ticket in hand, I moved to Los Angeles in 1995, where I obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Law. I subsequently moved to New York and earned a J.D., as well as an M.B.A., focusing on the areas of corporate law and finance, respectively.

I spent the first year of my legal career working for a solo practitioner where my experience was nothing short of litigation boot camp. Thereafter, I became an Associate at a boutique firm where I focused my practice on defending professional liability claims against real estate agents and brokers. In 2008, I joined a statewide law firm in California where I developed a new practice area for the firm in the field of education and school liability law. Within my niche, I represented institutional clients in low, mid and high exposure tort and employment cases. In 2011, I became a Partner nominee, and I was voted in as a Partner the following year. Ultimately, I decided to pursue my passion of becoming a full time mediator, and in 2012 I cofounded my current firm, Sepassi & Tarighati, LLP, where in addition to mediation, I pursue a balanced plaintiff and defense practice.




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Sepassi & Tarighati LLP

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Employment, Mediation - Personal Injury, Real Estate



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Ventura County S.C. ADR Panel, S.F.V.B.A. Mediation Panel, Santa Barbara S.C. Settlement Officer, L.A.S.C. ADR Panel | Former


J.D., Albany Law School, NY M.B.A., Union College, NY B.S., CSU Northridge, CA